Negatives of dating younger woman

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I filled out and grew a foot taller and I didn't feel as much apprehension going out for football.I got on the team and it was the best experience of my life. I remember the competitions me and my buddies had in the weight room about who could bench the most. Do not repost anywhere else without the author's consent.For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect.

Some guys had trouble around girls and would get nervous around them, but I never really did. I don't know if I was necessarily even that good at flirting, but I must have been doing something right to have so many girls making gooey eyes at me. Some girls are willing to look past the negatives in a guy if he has a pretty face.

I'm sure I'm better at it than I give myself credit for, but it just was second-nature to me.

Girls just sort of came to me and it would take an idiot to not realize they liked me.

This is a mother-son series featuring a big-titted, sexy mother and a studly, big-dicked son. I try to stay pretty humble, but that can be pretty difficult sometimes.

If that is not your favorite flavor of mother-son story, by all means walk away. I was born lucky in a lot of ways, and to most, that would go to their heads.

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I wasn't trying to be popular or the school stud or anything like that. Just whatever my default response was kinda clicked with girls. I had my limits, and that just seemed like a dick move. The fact that she was my mom eventually became secondary. She was the daughter of two regular looking parents, and she had two regular looking younger siblings. I watched as all my friends undressed my mom with their eyes, feasting on her while she paraded her hot body around us, doing her day to day chores. I lusted for her more than anyone else I could think of.