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In the campaign we reintroduce his personality in the environment of the early 19th century, but with the elements of present days (fashion, hairstyle, language, etc.).

This combination resulted in a unique and visually impressive concept.

The view of a convict available on will take you straight to the plot, and the interactive features in this video offer a chance to sign the petition to support unjustly imprisoned people in Russia and share it to raise awareness about the human rights violations.

Rejuvenation of brands is one of the core specializations of Havas.

Long-term knowledge of the Czech car market as well as the ability to identify relevant communication topics is one of Havas Prague’s strongest assets.The clip, which was shot in a hospital in Prague Bohnice, shows a fictional Russian prison six minutes before curfew.Amnesty International monitors dozens of such cases of people imprisoned by the Russian regime for their opinions and publications, who express themselves on the Internet or participate in demonstrations.The Car owner recieves an overview of the "health" of their vehicle, as well as information about the car’s movements, it’s location and it’s security directly to their mobile phone, in real time.With more new functions coming, like fuel consumption information and accident warnings, etc.

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For Citroën’s latest promotion, we joined forces with the famous Angry Birds mobile game characters that are coming back into Czech cinemas in May 2016.